I have a broad view of recovery that encompasses both mental health and addiction as stand alone or co-occurring disorders. Recovery, to me, is a holistic renewal of the self. It is more than sobriety. It isn’t merely the absence of anxiety or depression. It is a daily, lifelong practice.

To recover, is an active process. It is similar to the words, “to struggle,” or “to love,” and indeed recovery helps us navigate our struggles and to experience love of ourselves and others in a new way.

My view of recovery involves:

Connection - to be connected and aware of our emotions and personal values. To be able to see beyond our own life experiences and see our own experiences reflected in a common humanity. To unite with our capacity for love.

Compassion - to be kind to oneself and others. To examine and counter limiting judgmental perspectives. To nurture our spirits and share loving kindness. To see life struggles in others and feel their experiences.

Communication - to clearly express needs, intent. To listen in an effort to connect with others. To give time and attention to being seen and heard. To be receptive to constructive feedback. To share our wisdom with others.

Creativity - to have the courage to look at ourselves from a new perspective. To feel the powerful capacity to imagine opportunities and new ideas. To develop personal and meaningful insights. To be open to learning more about the world around us.