Therapy Groups

Group therapy can be a transformative healing process. We benefit from hearing when hearing our thoughts and feelings reflected in another person’s experience. Groups allow for diversity in perspectives, which helps expand our thoughts and beliefs. It can be a way to add structure and support to our week. Or, it could add some magic to your life you didn’t know was missing. Therapy groups focus on our common human experience, challenge our self-judgments, and foster hope and connection.

I currently lead groups on the following topics:

  • Early Recovery Support

  • Friends & Family of Opiate Users

  • Creatively Unblocked


How do I get started?

All groups are open for new membership on an ongoing basis. However, I do limit the number of participants allowed in group at one time. Please contact me to see if there is space available in any of the groups listed here.


Weekly Group Rate
$40 / 90 minutes

I currently do not accept insurance. Please check to see if your policy offers Out of Network benefits.